The Senior Program

The Senior Program in geosciences is a two-semester course in which majors plan and pursue an independent senior project under the close supervision of at least one faculty member. The senior project is an integrating, culminating experience that draws on the skills and knowledge acquired in the first three years; for many students, it represents graduate-level work.

Recent projects in geosciences include:

  • Refined Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironmental Interpretations for the Lower Miocene Locherangan Locality in West Turkana, Kenya
  • Structural Controls on Network Patterns of Non-Tectonic Synclines in Eocene Limestones North of the Kharga Valley, Egypt
  • The Influence of Pumping on Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions and Saltwater Contamination in Waterville, New York
  • Megacryst-bearing Lava Flows from Green Ridge, Central Oregon Cascade Range: Petrogenetic Implications
  • A Guide to Urban Paleontology: Selected Sites in Paris, France
  • Timing of Syncline Formation in Eocene Limestones of the Drunka Formation, Western Desert, Egypt
  • Historical Sedimentation in Adirondack Lakes: A Multi-Proxy Study
  • Determining Groundwater Nutrient Fluxes in Oneida Lake, New York
  • Major and Trace Element Compositions of Garnets from New York State Kimberlites: A Window into the Lower Crust and Upper Mantle
  • The New York State Fossil: An Educational Booklet on Eurypterus remipes
  • Determining Accuracy and Constraints on Detecting Change Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery and Structure from Motion (SfM) Software


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