The Senior Program

The senior seminar paper or honors thesis is the culminating experience for history majors at Hamilton. It is a semester-long research project in which students draw on their accumulated skills and knowledge to produce focused, high-level scholarship on a specific topic or problem.

Recent projects in history include:

  • A “Dirty War” against History: Historical Self-Perception in Argentina’s Proceso Militar

  • “I Had No Intention of Remaining Quiet:” Renegotiating African Womanhood through Travel

  • Bonds of Iron...and Blood Too: An Intellectual History of the Prominence of the Volk and Mysticism in the Origins of National Socialism

  • Modeling a Gentleman: Landon Carter and the Virginian Gentry

  • Our Earthly Bodies: Caught between the eternal rock and a hard place

  • “Have the Leading Men of All Countries Lost Their Reason Completely?”: Building Transnational Communities through Race and Gender after World War I

  • Abraham Lincoln's Rhetoric of Qualification

  • Military Tribunals and the Hegemony of Liberal Internationalism

  • Discord in Utopia: Reconciling Perfectionism with Human Nature in the Oneida Community
  • Narratives of a Nation: Rabindranath Tagore’s Critique of Hindu Nationalism and Appeal for Universal Nationalism
  • Confrontational Coverage: Imagery, Media Exposure, and the Civil Rights Movement


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History Department

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Shoshana Keller, Chair

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