The Senior Program

All senior physics students work collaboratively with faculty members on research projects as part of the Senior Program. This intensive one-semester project combines original scientific research with reading and understanding the scientific literature. It culminates in a senior thesis that is defended in a series of oral presentations. The Senior Program reflects Hamilton's commitment to a strong grounding in writing and public speaking.

Recent projects in physics include:

  • Improving Bimodal Antenna-Resonator Coupling
  • Observation of Exoplanet Confirmation of Exoplanet TIC 250839071.01
  • Exploring the Fabrication Process for PDMS Microfluidic Sorters
  • My First Glimpse at Teaching: A Lab Investigation into Pressure and Area Using Hovercrafts
  • A Characterization of Loosely-Coherent Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves
  • Engineering a Magnetometer using Diamond NV Centers
  • Bridging Simulation and Visualization: 3D Rendering of Accretion Processes in Black Holes
  • Artificial Cytoplasm: Crowding Components Causing Anomalous Diffusion


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Physics Department

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