The Senior Program

Seniors in women's studies pursue a one-semester senior project that can take the form of either a written thesis or some form of performance. Students work independently on the senior project, but they are supervised by one or more faculty members. The senior project represents a culmination of each student’s undergraduate experience; it synthesizes coursework, discussion and personal reflection into a focused statement of intellectual growth and insight.

Recent senior projects include:

  • Marketing Desire: Sexuality in Adam & Eve Commercials
  • Homonormativity in the Gay and Lesbian Nonprofit: The Failure of Transformative and Redistributive Queer Justice and Liberation
  • Gender Expansive Parenting: Maintaining the binary or exploring childhood gender diversity?
  • The Political Values of College Age Women: A Comparative Analysis of the 1968 Election and the 2016 Election
  • Menstruation and Comic Books, The Influence of Sociocultural Menstrual Taboos in Shaping Young Girls Menstrual Perceptions and Identities
  • Our (Be)Longing Here: Gender/Sexuality In The Bengali Diaspora
  • Don’t Forget to $ubscribe: An Analysis of Sponsored Content from YouTube Beauty Gurus
  • Transgender Genealogies: Mapping the Emergence and Evolution of Transgender Identity in the United States
  • Wonder Women, Mother Blame, and Paid Maternity Leave: The Experience of 41 Women with ‘High-risk’ Pregnancies A Mixed Methods Study
  • Black Girl Magic: An Exploration of Black Selfie Feminism
  • Centering the Survivor Experience: Strengthening the Institutional Response to Sexual Violence
  • Non-Gendered Fashion: Exploring the Interaction Between Clothing, Gender, and the Body
  • Radical Transparency: Student Discourse of Trigger Warnings at Hamilton College


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Women's and Gender Studies Department

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Vivyan Adair, Chair

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198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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