Update: ACC 2020 Summer and Fall Programs (Posted Jan. 30, 2020)

The Hamilton Associated Colleges in China Program is fully committed to returning to normal operations. Although the spring 2020 program was suspended when Minzu University closed access to its facilities in light of the coronavirus outbreak, ACC still anticipates offering the summer 2020 language immersion program and the summer 2020 language/internship program in Beijing. We are currently assessing the structure and start dates for those programs in light of recent events in China. The fall 2020 program is also scheduled to take place as planned. Students are encouraged to proceed with their applications for the ACC programs. More ...

Hamilton’s Associated Colleges in China, based in Beijing, is among the top Chinese language programs. Participants pledge to speak only Chinese, and it’s challenging, but students receive the support they need to fly high. They gain advanced language proficiency, make the most of cultural opportunities and develop an understanding of China’s people, economy and educational system.

Real-World Learning

Students receive individualized guidance and instruction, improving their language skills through an interactive curriculum. They meet Chinese citizens during field trips, hear regular guest lecturers and make public presentations to Chinese and American communities. En route they examine their own beliefs and values to develop a deeper appreciation of cultures different than their own.

Cole Bodak '17

Independent Research

Associated Colleges in China is the only study-abroad program in Beijing that has an independent research project component, or dúlìbàogào, which is offered only for fall and spring students. The research project allows students to engage more fully in specific facets of Chinese culture, society or history.

New Internship Program

beginning spring 2019

New Internship Program

Through a partnership with CRCC of Asia, this unique experience allows students to gain insight into Chinese business culture and develop a professional network.

Contact Information

Associated Colleges in China

Christian A. Johnson Hall
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4326 315-859-4222 acchina@hamilton.edu
Students Receive Freeman-ASIA Awards
Derian De La Torre ’18

Students Receive Freeman-ASIA Awards

Baillie Riggs ’20, Derian De La Torre ’18, and Jie Ying Mei ’19 received Freeman-ASIA awards to study abroad in China.

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