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Mancilla’s research has focused mainly on understanding how the brain processes sensory information. His published work includes sharp electrode recording studies in turtle visual cortex, dual patch clamp recordings in rodent somatosensory cortex, and patch clamp recording studies in auditory cortex and auditory brainstem of rodents. 

Mancilla has taught courses ranging from general biology to comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy at Trinity Washington University, Northern Michigan University, and Connecticut College.

He obtained a Ph.D. in neurobiology from the University of Chicago and has worked at Brown University and the University of North Carolina as a postdoctoral research associate.

Recent Courses Taught

Vertebrate Physiology 

Select Publications

  • Deepti Rao, Gregory J Basura, Joesph Roche, Scott D. Daniels, Jaime G Mancilla, and Paul B. Manis. (2010) “Hearing Loss Alters Serotonergic Modulation of Intrinsic Excitability in Auditory Cortex.” Journal of Neurophysiology 104(5), 2693-703.
  • Mancilla JG and Manis PB. (2009) “Two Distinct Types of Inhibition Mediated by Cartwheel Cells in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus.” Journal of Neurophysiology 102, 1287-1295.
  • Mancilla JG, Lewis TJ, Pinto DJ, Rinzel J, and Connors BW (2007) “Synchronization of Electrically Coupled Pairs of Inhibitory Interneurons in Neocortex.” Journal of Neuroscience 27, 2058-2073.
  • Cruikshank SJ, Landisman CE, Mancilla JG, Connors BW. (2005) “Connexon Connexions in the Thalamocortical System.” Progress in Brain Research 149, 41-57.
  • Mancilla, J.G. and Ulinski, P.S. (2001) Role of GABAA-Mediated Inhibition in Controlling the Responses of Regular Spiking Cells in Turtle Visual Cortex. Visual Neuroscience 18, 9-24
  • Mancilla, J.G., Fowler, M. and Ulinski, P.S. (1998) “Responses of Regular Spiking and Fast Spiking Cells in Turtle Visual Cortex to Light Flashes.” Visual Neuroscience 15, 979-993 

Professional Affiliations

Society for Neuroscience

Appointed to the Faculty


Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Chicago 
B.S., University of Maryland 

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