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Taylor Science Center 3036

Mairin Augustine examines the role of temperament and parenting in children’s social, emotional, and self-regulatory development. Specifically, she studies how parenting behaviors in different types of situations relate to child outcomes differently based on child temperament and other individual differences. 

She is also interested in exploring how parents’ cognitive and physiological responses in different situations predict patterns of (mal)adaptive parenting behavior, with implications for child outcomes.  

Augustine, a visiting assistant professor of psychology, received a bachelor’s of science degree and a master’s degree in psychology from Lehigh University and a doctorate in human development and family studies from Pennsylvania State University.  Before coming to Hamilton she completed a Carolina Consortium on Human Development postdoctoral fellowship through the Center for Developmental Science at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and U.N.C. Greensboro.

Recent Courses Taught

Introductory Psychology
Lifespan Development


Carolina Consortium on Human Development Postdoctoral Fellowship (NIH Ruth L. Kirchstein Institutional National Research Service Award training program), 2016-19

Select Publications

  • Leerkes, E. M., Bailes, L. G., & Augustine, M. E. (in press). The intergenerational transmission of emotion socialization. Developmental Psychology special issue on Emotion Socialization.
  • Augustine, M. E., Stifter, C. A. (2019). Children’s behavioral self-regulation and conscience: Roles of child temperament, parenting, and parenting context. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 63, 54-64.
  • Augustine, M. E., & Leerkes, E. M. (2019). Associations between maternal physiology and maternal sensitivity vary depending on infant distress and emotion context. Journal of Family Psychology, 33, 412-421.
  • Moding, K. J., Augustine, M. E., & Stifter, C. A. (2019). Interactive effects of parenting behavior and regulatory skills in toddlerhood on childhood weight outcomes. International Journal of Obesity, 43, 53-61.
  • Augustine, M. E., Leerkes, E. M.,Calkins, S.D. (2018). “Relations between early maternal sensitivity and toddler self-regulation: Exploring variation by oxytocin and dopamine D2 receptor genes.” Developmental Psychobiology, 60, 789-804.
  • Su, J., Leerkes, E. M., & Augustine, M. E. (2018). “DRD4 interacts with adverse life events in predicting maternal sensitivity via emotion regulation.” Journal of Family Psychology, 32, 783-792.
  • Augustine, M. E., Moding, K. J ., & Stifter, C. A. (2017). “Predicting toddler temperamental approach—withdrawal: Contributions of early approach tendencies, parenting behavior, and contextual novelty” Journal of Research in Personality, special issue on Child Personality, 67, 97-105.
  • Augustine, M. E., & Stifter, C. A. (2015). “Parenting, temperament, and moral development: Specificity of behavior and context” Social Development, 24, 285-303.

Professional Affiliations

Society for Research in Child Development
International Congress on Infant Studies
Psi Chi 

Appointed to the Faculty


Educational Background

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
M.S., Lehigh University
B.S., Lehigh University

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