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Stephen Tomasetti joins Hamilton as a visiting assistant professor of environmental studies with a focus on climate change. His research addresses the challenges posed by the climate crisis to the health of the coastal ocean. Tomasetti focuses on actions that will increase resilience, such as restoring seagrass meadows and oyster reefs, rebuilding depleted shellfish populations, and generating sustainable coastal food systems.

He received his Ph.D. in marine and atmospheric sciences at Stony Brook University researching the effects of climate change on the environments and performance of blue crabs, bay scallops, sea scallops, and oysters.

Recent Courses Taught

Introduction to Environmental Studies
Climate Change

Select Publications

  • Rodríguez–Villegas, C., Díaz, P., Salgado, P., Tomasetti, S., Díaz, M., Marín, S., Baldrich, Á., Niklitschek, E., Pino, L., Matamala, T., Espinoza, K. and Figueroa, R., 2022. The role of physico-chemical interactions in the seasonality of toxic dinoflagellate cyst assemblages: The case of the NW Patagonian fjords system. Environmental Pollution, 311, p.119901.
  • Young, C., Sylvers, L., Tomasetti, S., Lundstrom, A., Schenone, C., Doall, M. and Gobler, C., 2022. Kelp (Saccharina latissima) Mitigates Coastal Ocean Acidification and Increases the Growth of North Atlantic Bivalves in Lab Experiments and on an Oyster Farm. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.
  • Tomasetti, S.J., *Kraemer, J., Gobler, C.J. 2021. Brief episodes of nocturnal hypoxia and acidification educe survival of economically important blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) larvae. Frontiers in Marine Science 8, 1190. doi:10.3389/fmars.2021.720175
  • Rodríguez-Villegas, C., Lee, M., Salgado, P., Figueroa, R., Baldrich, Á., & Pérez-Santos, I. Tomasetti, S. et al. 2021. Drivers of dinoflagellate benthic cyst assemblages in the NW Patagonian Fjords System and its adjacent oceanic shelf, with a focus on harmful species. Science Of The Total Environment, 785, 147378. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.147378
  • Tomasetti, S.J., Gobler, C.J. 2020. Dissolved oxygen and pH standards leave fisheries at risk. Science 368(6489), 372-373. doi:10.1126/science.aba4896
  • Tomasetti, S.J., Morrell, B.K., Merlo, L.R., Gobler, C.J. 2018. Individual and combined effects of low dissolved oxygen and low pH on survival of early-stage larval blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus. PLOS ONE 13, E0208629. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0208629 

Appointed to the Faculty


Educational Background

Ph.D., Stony Brook University
M.A., City University of New York-Hunter College
B.S., University of Central Florida

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