Shadow Dentists

Shadowing a dentist is a great way to gain experience and confirm your interest in the field of dentistry. You may begin this process by reaching out to your personal dentist and asking for his or her ability to accommodate you. For more information on shadowing, check out the American Dental Education Association (ADEA)’s page on shadowing.  


Participate in Research 

Although dental schools do not require research experience from their applicants, acquiring research experience may boost your application and demonstrate your dedication to the field. For more information, visit the ADE’s page on research.


  • Serving the community shows that an individual values helping others. Service can be done in your hometown, in Hamilton, and/or in the surrounding area of Oneida County. Graduate schools look for students who volunteer in service to their communities, even if unrelated to healthcare. The Community Outreach and Opportunity Project (COOP) oversees a variety of opportunities and organizations, such as the Hamilton Association for Volunteering, Outreach, and Charity (HAVOC), A Better Chance (ABC) Tutoring, Hamilton Reads and many more. For more information, visit the COOP website.
  • Volunteering may reflect the caring qualities that dental schools look for in an applicant. For more information and ideas about service opportunities, visit the ADEA’s page on community service

Explore Other Resources

  • The Explore Health Careers website has a search function in which you may search for job listings such as dental assistants. 

  • Become a Dental Assistant

  • In order to gain experience before applying or before going to school, you may take a certification course to gain your radiology certification and dental assistant certificate. Requirements vary depending on the state you wish to practice in. 


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