Since course requirements vary by school, it is important to learn early on which courses are required for each veterinary school to which you intend to apply. View a complete list of the requirements for each specific school provided by the AAVMC. Requirements generally include:

General biology (2 semesters with Lab)
Biochemistry (1 semester with Lab)
General chemistry (2 semesters with Lab)
Organic chemistry (2 semesters with Lab)
Physics (2 semesters with Lab)
English (2 semesters)
Mathematics (1- 2 semesters)
Humanities/social sciences (2-4 semesters)
Note: There are numerous possibilities at Hamilton including: anthropology, economics, art/art history, philosophy, psychology, classics, foreign languages, history, government, and/or sociology classes.

Some Vet schools will also require a Public Speaking course, so be sure to check individual program requirements.


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