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Support from our alumni, parents, and friends is gratefully acknowledged. Thank you, everyone!
Honor Roll

About the Honor Roll

Hamilton College respects donor privacy. If at any time you decide you do not want your name listed, or if you notice an error, please please contact Dana Hubbard at 866-729-0315 or dhubbard@hamilton.edu so that we may correct our records.

2020 Impact Report
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No matter the amount contributed, our community is coming together to transform the lives of students who will, in turn, use their Hamilton education to transform society.

Thank You

Steve Brennen

Class of '78

John Snyder

Class of '66

Greg Bathon

Class of '56

John Pitarresi

Class of '70

Wil Everhart

Class of '02

Steve Beal

Class of '67

Peter Chapin

Class of '67

Tom Kellogg

Class of '96

Jeff Bennett

Class of '87

Debbie Moskowitz

Class of '71

Carl Wheeler

Class of '53

Chrissie Chalk Meier

Class of '92

Annelise Vought

Class of '19

Chris Ullrich

Class of '84

Quinn Plunkett

Class of '08

Kevin Graepel

Class of '11

Rachel Givens

Class of '05

Jennie Casey Sinnott

Class of '95

Jennie Casey Sinnott

Class of '95

Jordan Graziadei

Class of '15

Erik Roemer

Class of '90

Morolake Thompson

Class of '14

Allison Williams

Bob Stiles

Class of '71

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