• Assistant Professor of Theatre Tobin Ost, who specializes in scenic design, does not believe in “art with a capital A,” especially when it applies to design. Throughout his career, Ost has broadened his experiences and knowledge of the world around him while encouraging students to do the same. And some of his students are people who never intended to set foot into the world of theatre.

  • Gabe Mollica ’14 has recently set out on a tour for his autobiographical comedy show Solo: A Story About Friendship. He recently talked with Communications and Marketing Office student writer Alyssa Samuels ’26 about the process of writing and producing his show, as well as how his time at Hamilton made this experience possible.

  • Student writer and Untitled@Large theatre club member Alyssa Samuels ’25 shares her experiences producing the Suddenly the Musical, which debuted at Hamilton this spring. The Events Barn stage lights glowed brightly on April 27, illuminating the shapes of actors moving to the music and smiles from the audience surrounding them. Suddenly the Musical, an Australian show, was performed for the first time without its original cast at Hamilton. Produced by the student group Untitled@Large, the show was special not only for premiere status, but also because every step of its process signified a chance for student growth and accomplishment.

  • The Levitt (Center) Law & Justice Lab, a program designed for students interested in synthesizing perspectives on public policy issues, just concluded a semester focused on exploring policies affecting homelessness in Utica, N.Y. The experience was led by Professors Frank Anechiarico (government), Herman Lehman (biology), Philip Bean (history), and Gwendolyn Dordick (government).

  • For many years, I’ve prided myself on being a musician — someone who knew the notes, rhythms, and techniques of music well enough to find a deeper love for the art form. I knew music, I told myself; I could easily pick up on any of it! Yet, it only took two hour-long lessons in the chaotically beautiful symphony of Javanese Gamelan music to completely flip my worldview on its head.

  • Computer science major Adam Valencia ’22 was awarded a $10,000 Project for Peace grant, which he’ll use this summer to address inequalities in the technology industry.

  • Editor’s Note: Warning; vulgarity used in title. Communications and Marketing student writer Alyssa Samuels ’25 shares her experience as musical director for the spring theatre production of Suzan-Lori Parks’ play Fucking A, which opens on April 14.

  • The first semester for Hamilton’s Class of 2025 has come to a close, bringing a true intertwining of Hamilton and home for each new student. It’s been a chance for them to grow and change, while still keeping some ties to their previous lives.

  • Tatum Barclay ’22, a soon-to-be Georgetown Law student, has been inspired by the field of law since childhood. “I found my voice through oral speaking,” she recalled, “My passion for advocacy, conversation, and litigation stems from the hardships and triumphs of having dyslexia.”

  • Meandering through Hamilton’s Root Glen with nothing but a pair of headphones and a phone, you find yourself on a journey through the intertwining of music and nature.


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