Front: Dana Goettler ’24. Seated, from left: Megan Mogauro ’24, Jonathan Setzer ’23, Jacob Hane ’22, Caly Liss ’22, Heather Devlin ’22, and Caitlyn Smith ’23. Standing, from left: Eileen Cohn ’24, Kate Miller ’22, Emily Ly ’24, Anne Feltovich, Martin Shedd, and Amy Koenig.

Six Hamilton students recently shared their work at Parilia, an undergraduate classics conference hosted by Skidmore College. The conference derives its name from an ancient Roman festival in honor of the founding of the city, which was traditionally dated to April 21, 753 BCE. The conference is held annually on or around Rome’s birthday, and the host rotates between Skidmore, Union, and Hamilton Colleges.

Two seniors presented papers on work from their senior theses — Kate Miller presented “Heroines and Harridans,” and Jacob Hane presented “Racialized Gender in Nonnus’ Dionysiaca.”

Heather Devlin ’22 collaborated with history and religious studies major Caitlyn Smith ’23 and religious studies major Emily Ly ’24 on a poster presentation titled “Defining God.”

Finally, a poster on “Taking Greek out of the Attic” was presented by Jonathan Setzer ’23.

The students were advised by classics professors Martin Shedd, Amy Koenig, Jesse Weiner, and Anne Feltovich. In addition to the presenters, four other Hamilton students attended the conference.

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