<em>N.Y. Times</em> Features Bret Turner ’13 - Hamilton College
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Bret Turner '13
Bret Turner '13

N.Y. Times Features Bret Turner ’13

“Talking With Teachers, All 200 of Them” Highlights His Project

By Vige Barrie
Posted August 5, 2013
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In its quarterly Education Life section published on Aug. 4, The New York Times featured Bret Turner ’13 and his goal of interviewing every faculty member on campus about their research. According to the article, by the time he graduated, he had spoken with 200 of 223 faculty members, a half-hour to an hour each.

In “Talking With Teachers, All 200 of Them,” Turner shared two particularly meaningful pieces of advice offered by a Hispanic studies professor: “‘The first was that very few things are important. For him, family, friends and God, and nothing else is.’ The second: ‘Life is like a river, and most people are just standing on the shore.’”


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