Front: Dana Goettler ’24. Seated, from left: Megan Mogauro ’24, Jonathan Setzer ’23, Jacob Hane ’22, Caly Liss ’22, Heather Devlin ’22, and Caitlyn Smith ’23. Standing, from left: Eileen Cohn ’24, Kate Miller ’22, Emily Ly ’24, Anne Feltovich, Martin Shedd, and Amy Koenig.
Barbara Gold
Barbara Gold

“Transgender Saints: Perpetua’s Legacy,” by Barbara Gold, the Edward North Professor Classics and Greek Literature Emerita, appears as a chapter in The Routledge Companion to the Reception of Ancient Greek and Roman Gender and Sexuality.

The publisher’s description says this recently published volume “covers a range of receptions of ancient Greek and Roman gender and sexuality,” and that “it explores ancient representations of these concepts as we de?ne them today, as well as recent perspectives that have been projected back onto antiquity.”

Gold’s contribution is part of the section titled “Greek and Roman Afterlives.”

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