Ian Rosenstein.

Associate Professor of Chemistry Ian Rosenstein recently published an extensive, book-length review chapter in Volume 110 of the Wiley monograph series Organic Reactions. At more than 650 pages, “Radical Allylation, Vinylation, Allenylation, Alkynylation and Propargylation Reactions Using Tin Reagents” is one of the few Organic Reactions chapters researched and written by a single author.

Rosenstein’s chapter is a comprehensive review of the title reactions and includes detailed discussions of their mechanisms, analysis of their scope and limitations, and examples of how they have been employed in the synthesis of complex molecules. He also compares the reactions with other radical-based methods for allylation and vinylation, and provides a survey of experimental conditions. In addition, he includes tables which illustrate every published example of the reactions, with more than 1,300 individual reactions taken from more than 750 different papers.

In his preface to this volume, P. Andrew Evans, a member of the Queen’s University faculty and editor-in-chief of the series, called the chapter “an outstanding treatise on free-radical allylation and vinylation reactions using organotin reagents,” saying that it “that will be an exceptional resource to the synthetic community.”

The Organic Reactions monograph series was founded in 1942 by Roger Adams, a preeminent organic chemist of the 20th century. The goal was to create a reference work of high practical use to organic chemists that would not only serve as a collected source of information, but would also provide useful analysis of the literature, thereby helping chemists choose appropriate conditions for using a particular reaction.

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