Nigel Westmaas
Associate Professor of Africana Studies Nigel Westmaas recently published A Political Glossary of Guyana. The glossary, published by the Edwin Mellen Press, serves as both a reference text and a popular document for Guyanese institutions and people.

The 535-page book includes a foreword, author’s introduction, and sections including General Political Events, Concepts, Definitions, & Organisations; People; and Select Political Documents.

Andaiye, the late Guyanese gender rights activist, wrote in the foreword: “A Political Glossary of Guyana is pioneering work. There has been no previous recorded attempt at compiling a similar glossary in the country, although there have been earlier reference books of different kinds…best of all, it is designed to be of use not only to students and teachers in a range of disciplines including Caribbean studies and political science, but to the very many of us outside academia who do not have the skills to dig up information for ourselves from dust-filled documents and memories.”

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