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WHCL is Hamilton’s student-run radio station. Established in 1941, 88.7 on your FM radio dial provides the community with the opportunity to get their voices, and their music, heard.

This summer, student DJs are broadcasting remotely, joined by alumni. Some of these DJs include Dave Bolger ’99, Zachary Franciose ’14, Kaye Kagaoan ’15, Austin Ford ’19,  Jack Zogheb ’19, and, all co-hosting together, Tori Fukumitsu ’15, Caroline Grunewald ’15, Eliza Kenney ’15, and George Taliaferro ’15.

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We asked a few of them to share a little about their programs.

What is the name of your show?

Bolger: Had I Known [Sundays 8 a.m.].

Franciose: schmutz [Fridays 9 p.m.].

Kagaoan: Dissonance (w/ Montepiedra) [Saturdays 10 p.m.].

Ford: I have three: Sandwich Talk [Wednesdays 6 p.m.] / The Ladies Who Lunch [Wednesdays noon] and Austin & Maj Go to the Store [Fridays 10 a.m.].

FGKT: Morning Runs + Cinnamon Buns [Sundays 1 p.m.].

How would you describe your show? 

Bolger: It’s a one-hour talk show that explores the Hamilton College experience. By talking to past and present members of the Hamilton community, I’m interested to know what impact Hamilton has on people. 

Franciose: A DJ’s job is to read the room and curate the necessary vibe to the audience. Taking notes from current events and societal activity, my show is a reflection of its surroundings. Here in New York, USA. All genres and eras are up for grabs. 

Kagaoan: Simply put, it’s an hour-long DJ mix of underground club music. No breaks, no requests. 

Ford: I co-host the show Sandwich Talk with Jack Zogheb ’19, the show’s creator, and we bring guests on each week to talk about all things sandwich. Ladies Who Lunch is a comedic music/talk show with a different theme each week, featuring Sarah Zeiberg ’18 and me (the ladies). Austin & Maj Go to the Store is an improvised comedy show with a constantly shifting plot about my co-host, Majestic Terhune ’21, and me taking an unreasonably long trip to the store.

FGKT: We started the show as an excuse to get together and share music, but as it went along we ended up talking more and more. Caroline brings riddles, Eliza brings thoughtful news, and Tori delivers the TRUTH. 

Why did you decide to do a show?

Bolger: I’ve always missed my time working with WHCL and was excited to get back on the air. I decided to do Had I Known because I’m interested in people’s stories and think others might be as well. 

Kagaoan: The pandemic pretty much destroyed the nightlife industry. Playing at bars and clubs was a way of life for me for a few years and, more recently, had been a welcome break from the routine of a 9-to-5 job. Returning to WHCL this season gave me a reason to stick to my hobby and commit to weekly mixing practice.

FGKT: Tori made us do it. And you always listen to Tori ... or else. 

Were you involved in WHCL while you were at Hamilton?

Bolger: I was the sports director, did play-by-play for men’s basketball and women’s and men’s hockey, co-hosted a sports talk show called the Bleacher Creatures, had a show focused on Hamilton sports, and a weekly music show. 

Ford: I was on the radio every semester and ended up hosting or being involved with about a dozen shows. I also had six semesters on the e-board, including a run as the general manager.

FGKT: Every year except our first we recorded our show in the studio. Our show was on Friday mornings. It was always a mad sprint across Martin’s Way because Caroline and I were habitually late. 

Have you been involved in radio since leaving Hamilton?

Franciose: Three years doing online radio in Brooklyn.

Kagaoan: Only as a guest on friends’ internet radio shows in Brooklyn. There are several community radio sites here, though I’m not sure how many of them are still around. I’ve played on The Lot radio, Transit FM, and Balamii.

How has the broadcasting experience been this summer?

Bolger: It’s been more fun than I anticipated. I’m remembering the things I enjoyed about being on the mic and using it as an excuse to reconnect with people. In some cases, I’m deepening friendships with people I didn’t know as well while at Hamilton. That’s been an unexpected outcome I’ve really enjoyed. 

Franciose: I’ve gotten to play around with new software and hardware and really test my chops at creating a DIY home studio – it’s been really fun to experiment.

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