Queer and Trans* professional staff member focusing on providing individual non-clinical support and group dialogue programs for Trans*, questioning, and LGBTQIA+ students.

About LGBTQIA+ Identity Support Groups

I am here to support you in a range of ways. Below are just a few examples, not intended to be a comprehensive list. If you are unsure, feel free to email me and I’d be happy to answer any of your questions before scheduling a meeting. 

  • Questioning your sexual/romantic orientation or gender identity 
  • Coming Out 
  • Navigating your identity on campus, with family, with friends, etc. 
  • Exploring what it means to be your authentic self 
  • LGBTQIA+ Sex Ed 
  • Understanding of campus and local resources, referrals 

Visit my Calendly Website to find a time to meet with me. All my meetings are offered virtually. 


Our support groups are facilitated by the LGBTQIA+ Identity Support Specialist, a professionally trained staff member. Each group is intended to provide a supportive, brave, and affirming space for students to explore their identity and experiences through facilitated narrative sharing with the goal of finding mutual support. All individuals who are LGBTQIA+ or questioning are welcome. These groups are not affiliated with any student organizations and are designed to protect the privacy of all participants. 

  • Open Doors (LGBTQIA+ Support Group) | | TBA | Meet TBA
  • TNG (Trans, Non-Binary, & Gender Creative Support Group) | TBA | Meet TBA
  • Groups will be announced in fall 2021. Please email dmc@hamilton.edu for more information. 

Please email Koboul Mansour, to express your interest in the group. You will then be provided with the link to join. We ask that you do not share the link with others and encourage them to email to request link in order to ensure privacy and group size limitations.

All individual and group services are considered private. This means that under Hamilton’s policies, I am considered a mandated reporter. This means that anything shared with me concerning Title IX violations must be reported to the appropriate parties at the institution. All other information shared within our sessions and groups will be kept confidential. 


Office / Department Name

Days-Massolo Center

Contact Name

Koboul E. Mansour, Ph.D

Director of the Days-Massolo Center

Office Location
Days-Massolo Center

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