Meet the Tutors

Cass Adler ’24

Cass is a junior and a Hispanic Studies major from Bushwood, Maryland (a place that exists outside of maps and also time and space). She’s minoring in Creative Writing and Middle Eastern and Islamic World Studies. On campus, she works in the costume shop, as an ALEX intern, as a Comp Sci TA, writes for the Duel, and is part of the Scottish Country Dance Club (check it out!). She loves crocheting, fancy pens, and any media that centers on pulling off heists. She hopes to one day live the pastoral poet’s dream of sleeping and reading in quiet meadows without having to work for a living or deal with mosquitos.

Sofia Bagdade ’24

Sofia is a junior from New York City who is majoring in Government with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. When not working at the Writing Center, she enjoys obsessively solving the New York Times mini crossword, spending time with her French Bulldogs, and painting watercolors with friends.

Bailey Black ’24

Bailey is a junior from Tacoma, Washington, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Hispanic Studies. On campus, she is a captain of Tropical Sol and works as an EMT. In her questionably small amount of free time, you might find her reading (or gushing about how good a book was with anyone who will listen), eating ice cream, or having passionate discussions with friends about the color of school subjects (hint: science is GREEN). She is also known to cross stitch and watch telenovelas like a grandmother.

Gabrielle Brihn ’26

Fiona Bristol ’25

Kate Broeksmit ’26

Grace Brophy ’24

Grace is a junior from Trumbull, Connecticut with a double major in Math and Computer Science. She plays frisbee for the Hamilton Hot Saucers and coordinates acoustic concerts on the CAB e-board. She enjoys a round of Diner mozzarella sticks like any other overwhelmed college student, and her caffeine dependence has only been exacerbated by the recent purchase of her very own espresso machine. Her claim to fame is an ever-useful proficiency in being able to name every Food Network host and judge.

Rachel Budd ’25

Mia Chervenkova ’25

Gabriela de Mendonca Gomes ’24

Gabi is a junior from São Paulo, Brazil who currently lives in Hoboken, New Jersey. She’s majoring in Literature and Philosophy. On campus, besides classes and the Writing Center, she also tutors at the OCC and serves as the managing editor of Book XI, a journal of literary philosophy; off campus, she loves snowboarding, hiking, and writing.

Bayley Dickinson ’25

Bayley is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California, and is still considering her major with interests in STEM and Art. In her free time, you can find her playing music at the WHCL radio station and taking walks to the Glen with friends. She loves Breaking Bad, Blonde by Frank Ocean, and almond crunch pretzels (with caramel sauce) from Auntie Anne’s.

Maja Domagala ’24

Maja is a junior born in Nysa, Poland and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are double majoring in Creative Writing and Women’s and Gender Studies. In their free time, they enjoy reading and writing, drinking coffee and tea, and exploring the glens when the sun is out. Please let them know if you like (or better yet, love) The Locked Tomb, The Serpent Gates, or other lesbian fantasy series. You will immediately gain a new best friend.

Deanna Durben ’25

Deanna is a sophomore planning to major in Psychology and minor in Public Policy & Creative Writing. She’s from Taiwan, and sorely misses the cheap, delicious food. And her four cats. When not swamped with coursework, she loves books, jigsaw puzzles, crochet, and rewatching Brooklyn 99.

Emily Forslof ’26

John Frank ’24

John is a junior Chemistry major (Philosophy minor) from Dallas, Texas. Some things that bring him joy are blackberries, ducks, the subjunctive, and Jesus Christ Superstar. Outside of the Writing Center, you can find him in the lab, taking long walks in the Root Glen, or silently considering the relationship between truth and utility in Commons, second cup of coffee in hand.

Betsy Gale ’24

Betsy Gale is a junior from Clinton, New York (believe it or not), majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Environmental Studies. To answer all questions, she agrees that there is not much to do around here. Outside of the Writing Center, she tries her best to find your packages at the Mail Center and generally avoids academic work. If you have cracked the code to a perfect grilled cheese, please let her know your secrets.

Elizabeth Gee ’24

Elizabeth is a junior from Norfolk, Massachusetts, a tiny town with one stoplight and no grocery store. She is majoring in History and minoring in Creative Writing. When she is not in the Writing Center, you can find her helping out as a research tutor or singing in the choir. She loves reading, baking, and pondering life’s impossible questions at 2am while working on a puzzle.

Grace Goldberg ’24

Grace is a sophomore from Kinnelon, NJ majoring in Anthropology and French. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, listening to music, playing the flute, and watching movies with her friends. When she’s not at the Writing Center, you can find her making veggie quesadillas in the Minor kitchen, procrastinating in Fojo, or trying to flawlessly solve an expert level sudoku puzzle (a feat she has yet to accomplish).

Ivy Hammer-Gumbrell ’26

Nick Hollander ’26

Alex Kropaneva ’25

Alex is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York who intends to major in Literature or Creative Writing with a prospective minor in Economics. She has an intense fascination with Hogwarts-themed Pomodoro sessions on YouTube and refuses to do any work without one playing in the background. When not in the Writing Center, you can find her leading a HOC trip in the Adirondacks, running an event with Sadove’s programming team, or snapping pictures of her latest reads for her Instagram.

Claire Lazar ’26

Miriam Lerner ’24

Miriam is a junior from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She is planning to major in Art History and minor in French. On campus, she also works as a magazine editor for the Wellin Museum, tutors local children, and sings in Special K. In her free time, she loves to cook, read Jane Austen, and spend too many minutes on the NYT mini crosswords.

Owen Lewis ’24

Owen is a junior from Buffalo, New York (which, impressively, is farther away from New York City than his old home in Maryland). He is a Creative Writing major and is a Sports Editor for the Spectator. He loves watching and writing about tennis above all else, but he also enjoys reading longform articles (mostly on Grantland, a deceased website he mourns daily), watching his favorite TV shows on repeat, and taking walks.

Kelly McElroy ’24

Kelly is a junior from Princeton Junction, New Jersey majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Theatre. On campus, she can be found on the football field at halftime (with the Dance Team! Football lies outside her area of expertise.), practicing her tap dancing, or singing with the choir. In her free time, she is usually rewatching movies and tv shows she's already seen multiple times and defending them to no end. She also loves goldfish.

Lucy Meola ’26

Elise Mizerak ’25

Elise is a sophomore from Holden, Massachusetts who plans to double concentrate in Environmental Studies and Public Policy. On campus, she also works as a Resident Advisor. In her free time, you can find Elise performing with the Dance Team at football and basketball games, or in the studio after hours dancing aimlessly to all of Melodrama by Lorde. Some of Elise’s favorite things include Glen walks, Dunkin iced coffee, Wes Anderson’s filmography, and Taylor Swift music.

Nicole Moncada ’26

Miko Newman ’24

Miko is a junior from New York City who is majoring in History. When she’s not tutoring at the Writing Center, you can find her writing for the News Section of The Spectator, taking walks on Griffin Road with friends, or watching true crime documentaries in bed.

Kelvin Nunez ’24

Kelvin is a Dominican-American from West Philadelphia. He is an Interdisciplinary Storytelling major and a Hispanic Studies minor. Kelvin enjoys writing or editing creative works that facilitate personal or societal exploration. He is interested in all things sports and hip-hop being that he is a Phillie phanatic and a Boom Bap lover.

Benjamin Sherman ’24

Benjamin is a junior from Potomac, Maryland, majoring in Literature and minoring in History and Chinese. If not working on the next great American novel, he’s likely playing poker, beating his friends in tennis, eating a bold piece of toast, or studying a thesaurus. He’s currently working on consistently getting past Wednesday in the New York Times crossword.

Alejandro Sosa Hernandez ’26

Ryan Swanson ’24

Ryan is a junior from the Jersey Shore who is majoring in Economics with a minor in Music. When he’s not at the Writing (or Oral Communication) Center, you can usually find him singing with Duelly Noted, improvising with Yodapez, playing guitar in campus bands, or dining at the New Hartford Applebee’s. He lives by the three G’s: The Grateful Dead, The Good Place, and gruyere cheese.

Mika Tortusa ’25

Mika is a sophomore from New York City who plans to major in History and double minor in Asian Studies and Jurisprudence, Law & Justice Studies. On campus, she also works as the intern for Pre-Health Advising. She enjoys watching UFC, playing TTRPGs, and flipping her beloved balisong trainer. If you happen to have extra dried seaweed and feel particularly charitable, please let her know.

Nate Wild ’24

Nate is a junior from Liverpool, New York intending to double major in Anthropology and Women's and Gender Studies. Outside of the Writing Center, Nate works as an Audiovisual Student Technician and participates in the Justice & Equity Committee on Hamilton’s Student Assembly. When not doing classwork, Nate enjoys weightlifting at Blood Fitness Center, spending time with his cat, and listening to a concerning amount of pop music.

Ainsley Wilson ’24

Ainsley is a junior from Rose Valley, Pennsylvania, though she currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She is majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Art History. She can be found tossing a frisbee with the Ultimate team, glazing pottery at the Kirkland Arts Center, or outside the math offices of CJ (where she is undoubtedly the only student doing English homework). She spent last semester studying abroad at Trinity College in Dublin and now cannot stop talking about the ridiculousness of the inverted comma. She dreams of owning a paddleboard and one day writing her own novel.

Maximilian Wohlfeld ’25

Yuxuan Xu ’26

Anna Yankee ’25

Anna is a sophomore from Freeport, Maine majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Government. On campus, she also tutors French at the Language Center and helps direct the Harvest. Some of Anna’s favorite things are falafel, farmers’ markets, and colorful pens. In her free time, she can be found making crêpes in her dorm kitchen, drinking McEwen spa water, and trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to learn tennis.


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