The Senior Program

Each psychology major completes a research project that culminates in a written thesis and an oral presentation. Working closely with a faculty advisor, the student uses the senior project to synthesize and focus previous coursework. Each project is an original work of scholarship that provides an in-depth examination of a particular empirical or theoretical issue.

Genevieve Darling - Three Minute Thesis

Genevieve Darling received first place in the Three-Minute Thesis Competition for her thesis presentation “A Dose of Nature: Mood Benefits of Walking Outdoors in Fall and Winter.”

Recent projects in psychology include:

  • Does Defensive Self-Esteem Predict Aggressive Behavior Following an Ego Threat?
  • Stopping the Clock: Does Time Moderate the Effect of Personality on Athletic Performance?
  • Walking in Nature in Fall and Winter: Effects on Mood and Creative Thinking
  • Is a Meaningful Life a Happy Life?
  • Using Spatial Distancing to Enhance Creativity and Analytical Ability in Preschool-Age Children
  • Shadow of the Colossus: Differing Perceptions of Threat From a Growing Population
  • Coping with Anxiety Through Creative Writing
  • Does Believing Intelligence is Fixed Increase Self-Handicapping in Those with Academic-Contingent Self-Esteem?
  • The Fluidity of the Social Self: Exploring Interdependency and an Interactionist Self-Concept
  • Forgetting for the Future: Adolescent Marijuana Use and Prospective Memory
  • In vs. Out: How Concealment and Minority Stress Predict Mental Health for LGB Individuals
  • A Proposed Self-Compassion Intervention to Reduce Female Athletes’ Negative Experiences with Sports Collaborative Inhibition in Autobiographical Memory
  • The Effects of Positive and Negative Humor on Coping
  • Making Meaning out of Madness: Processing the 2016 Presidential Election
  • Gendered Zero-Sum Beliefs in the Workplace
  • Suicide Prevention Training: Improving Peer Support Skills
  • Relationship Between Love Languages, Attachment Styles, and Sex
  • Friendship Signals in Same-Sex Friendships
  • Involuntary Autobiographical Memories in Art and Literature
  • Internalizing Symptoms in Children with Chronic Illness: Self-Esteem as a Mediator

  • Designing Recruitment Messages to Boost Volunteering in Hamilton Students
  • Dangerous Minds: Race, Gender, and Crime Affect Perceptions of Mental Illness

  • “I Don’t See Color”: An Examination of Racial Discrepancies in Detection of Eating Disorder Symptomology

  •  Self-distancing and Secondary Emotions

  • Virtual Reality in the Field of Psychology

  • The Impact of Domain-Specific Character Competency on the Benefits of Role-Play in Children

  • Self-Disclosure and Friendship Quality in People with Defensive Self-Esteem


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