About the Major

At Hamilton, art students create, learn, and display their talents in the new Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts. Across the street is the Wellin Museum, another acclaimed facility that hosts professional exhibits. As part of this exciting, rigorous, interdisciplinary art-making community, students explore the meaning art holds in their own lives and how art communicates ideas to others.

Students Will Learn To:

  • Construct meaning using visual information
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the basic tools and techniques of new and traditional media
  • Analyze their studio processes by diagramming the stages in creative thinking
  • Use critique to formulate and build personal direction
  • Generate a public exhibition

A Sampling of Courses


Introduction to Ceramics

Handbuilding techniques will be employed to explore the sculptural possibilities of clay. A developed visual and conceptual vocabulary will accompany the technical aspects of ceramics through studio practice and class critique.

Explore these select courses:

An introduction to the history, tools and language of basic animation styles. This course will trace the history of experiments in animated imagery from 19th Century photography through 20th Century film into 21st Century digital works. The class will cover basic techniques in Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and illustration and animation software interfaces.

Study of advanced elements in imaginative and representational drawing with emphasis on color and mixed media.

Advanced study of photography through the investigation of alternative processes. Emphasis on the use of various historic and non-traditional processes, including photograms, pinhole cameras, cyanotype printing, and polaroid transfers, as well as emerging digital techniques including digital negatives and solarplate photogravure printing. Continued exploration of personal vision. Normally offered every 3rd year.

Advanced study of materials such as clay, wood, plaster, steel, and plastic utilizing processes such as moulding, casting, fabrication, carving and construction. May repeat for credit at increasingly advanced levels with permission of the professor.

Exploration of the process and theory of museum exhibition curating, taught in conjunction with the preparation of an exhibition in the Wellin Museum. Emphasis on the history of photography and the role of western art institutions in the appropriation and repurposing of archival imagery. Studio-based artistic response required based on materials presented. Students will work collaboratively on exhibition materials, including image selection and layout, catalog and wall text production, and multimedia materials such as podcasts.

Meet Our Faculty

William Salzillo

Chair, the Kevin W. Kennedy Professor of Art


most recent works explore the landscapes of California, the American Southwest, and Italy

Amy Brener

Assistant Professor of Art


sculpture, drawing, and digital media

video, performance, installation, photography, electronic media, and history and contemporary practices in each of those areas

Robert Knight

Associate Professor of Art


photography, history of photography, video capture and editing, Adobe premiere, art foundations curriculum, and 2D and 4D fundamentals

painting and drawing

Rebecca Murtaugh

John and Anne Fischer Professor of the Fine Arts


sculpture, ceramics

Megan King

Lecturer in Art


Explore Hamilton Stories

Shelly Cao ’23

A “Know Thyself” Journey to Harvard's Graduate School of Design

Oftentimes students feel as though there is a dichotomy between the sciences and the arts and that they must choose one or the other. Enter Shelly Cao ’23, an art and mathematics double major pursuing a combination of both through architecture and showing the paths that emerge from pursuing interdisciplinary interests.

Alumni Docent Panel

Wellin Docents Discuss Careers in Art

For many, work in the art world conjures images of artists at easels. However, a career in art can be much broader and involve aspects beyond the creation of art.

Fiona Murphy '23

Murphy ’23 Exploring Artistic Technique of Embodiment

As Fiona Murphy ’23 creates her comics, she pulls her mental state into the physical world. Each blurred line or harsh impression is purposeful, constructed to evoke a certain psychological experience: gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, or sleep deprivation.

Careers After Hamilton

Hamilton graduates who concentrated in art are pursuing careers in a variety of fields, including:

  • Editorial Assistant, Random House
  • Director, High Museum of Art
  • Visual Designer, Fidelity Investment
  • Director, Credit Suisse
  • Landscape Design, Living Green
  • Technical Director, Pixar Animation Studios
  • Photographer, United Nations
  • Major Gifts Officer, Grand Teton National Park Foundation
  • Owner/Founder, Vermont Glass Workshop


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Art Department

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Bill Salzillo, Chair

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198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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