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Chris Georges' research focuses on macroeconomic dynamics, and his current research includes work on learning and agent-based modeling in macroeconomics and finance. Georges teaches courses in macroeconomic theory, game theory, the economy of technology and innovation, and the history of economic thought. He has lectured as a visiting professor at Washington University and the University of Michigan and has been a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford. He earned his doctorate in economics from the University of Michigan and joined the Hamilton faculty in 1989. 

Recent Courses Taught

Macroeconomic Theory
Game Theory and Economic Behavior
Topics in Macroeconomics
Economics of Technology and Innovation
History of Economic Thought

Research Interests

  • Primary research field: macroeconomics
  • Other research interests: learning and expectations formation, agent-based modeling, computational finance, complex systems, economics of technology and innovation


National Science Foundation Grant BCS-0527608, 2006-08
Visiting Appointments:
University of Oxford, 2004
Washington University, 1998-99
University of Michigan, 1992-93

Selected Publications

  • “Market Stability with Machine Learning Agents” (with Javier Pereira). Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. 122, Jan. 2021.
  • “Product Innovation and Macroeconomic Dynamics” in Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation in Economics and Finance, Springer Proceedings in Complexity, 2018.
  • “Risk Preference and Stability Under Learning.” Economics Letters, 132, July 2015, 105–108.
  • “Learning Dynamics and Nonlinear Misspecification in an Artificial Financial Market” (with John C. Wallace). Macroeconomic Dynamics, 13:5, 2009, 625–655.
  • “Staggered Updating in an Artificial Financial Market.” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 32:9, 2008, 2723–3054.
  • “Bounded Memory, Overparameterized Forecast Rules, and Instability.” Economics Letters, 98:2, 2008, 129–135.
  • “Learning With Misspecification in an Artificial Currency Market” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 60:1, 2006, 70-84.
  • “Adjustment Costs, Learning and Indeterminacy.” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 28:1 October 2003, 101–116.
  • “Persistent Cycles In an Efficiency Wage Model.” Economics Bulletin, 5:3, 2002, pp. 1–6
  • “The Credit Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence From Stock Returns in the 1990s” (with E. Warner). Economic Inquiry, 39:1, January 2001, 74–85.
  • “Profit-Shares, Bargaining, and Unemployment.” Economic Inquiry, 36:2, April 1998, 286-291.
  • “Debt and Taxes in a Marxian Growth Model” (with Tom Michl). Review of Radical Political Economics, 28:3, 1996, 50-56.
  • “Adjustment Costs and Indeterminacy in Perfect Foresight Models.” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 19, 1995, 39–50.
  • “Unemployment Persistence Under Profit Sharing.” Economics Letters, 45, July 1994, 329–334.
  • “A Dynamic Macroeconomic Model of the Labor-Managed Economy.” Journal of Comparative Economics, 18:1, February 1994, 46-63.
  • “Emphasizing Controversy in the Economics Curriculum” (with Fred Moseley and Christopher Gunn). Journal of Economic Education, 22, Summer 1991, 235–240.

College Service

  • Chair, Department of Economics, 2011–14
  • Director, Hamilton in NYC Program, fall 2012, 2015 and 2018
  • On-Campus Administrator of the NYC Program, 2013–present
  • High Performance Computing Advisory Committee, 2009–present
  • Budget and Finance Committee, 2007-10, 2014-18; chair 2009-10, 2016-18
  • Co-Chair, Experiential Learning Working Group, 2017
  • Chair, Social Science Building Committee, 2002–04, 2006
  • Acting chair, Department of Economics, 2001–02
  • Information Technology Committee, 2000–01
  • Middle States Review Committee, 1999–2000
  • Committee on Academic Policy, 1994–97, chair 1996–97

Professional Affiliations

  • Referee and review work for Economics Bulletin, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, International Economic Review, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Metroeconomica, Review of Radical Political Economics, W.W. Norton, McGraw Hill, Harvard University Press
  • Editorial board, Review of Radical Political Economics 1990–1993, 2000-2006
  • American Economics Association
  • Society for Computational Economics
  • Society for Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents
  • Union For Radical Political Economics

Appointed to the Faculty


Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Michigan
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A., Connecticut College

Personal Interests

guitar, squash

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