Through independent projects, the Senior Program, research with faculty members, and summer internships, Hamilton provides an increasing number of opportunities for students to engage in significant — often publishable — research at the undergraduate level.

Hands-On Collaborative Research

Summer Research

Hamilton offers its students outstanding opportunities to conduct research in all disciplines. Approximately 120 students receive grants each summer.

Publish & Present

Whether it’s during the academic year or the summer, Hamilton students collaborate with professors on original research. Often their work results in articles published in peer-reviewed journals or in presentations at national conferences. 

Summer Research

For many Hamilton students, summer is the perfect time to put into practice the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, lab, and studio. Here are some recent examples of student research experiences.

5 discoveries 2022

What They Discovered Through Summer Research

This summer, 149 Hamilton students received Hamilton funding to engage in research with faculty mentors. Communications/Marketing Office intern Claire Williams ’25 has followed up with a few of them to find out what they learned through their work.

Taliyah James ’24

Penn Internship Validates James’ ’24 Interest in Genetic Counseling

After witnessing her family’s struggle with genetic disorder, Taliyah James ’24 is utilizing all of her resources to launch her career in genetic counseling. This summer, she spent eight weeks at the University of Pennsylvania’s Basser Center, a clinic, research lab, and educational center focused on the relationship between gene mutations and cancer risk.

Brian Hu '24

Hu ’24 Analyzes Effectiveness of Electric Vehicle Rebates

With worsening effects of climate change, governments around the globe are considering policies to lower greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. In 2016, the New York State government implemented a financial incentive program to make electric vehicles a more affordable choice and increase their adoption. The program most notably involves rebates, by which a portion of the purchase price is refunded to those who buy an electric vehicle. Brian Hu ’24 spent his summer studying the effectiveness of this rebate program on electric vehicle adoption.


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