1. A single Word or .PDF document containing the items below:
    • IRB proposal form (be sure to include a .jpg of your signature - and, for students, your faculty supervisor's signature - on the final assurance page)

    • Your CITI Certificate of Completion (instructions for getting set up in CITI)
      Note that we need a copy of your certificate with each submission, so even if you've already sent us a copy with a prior proposal, we need it for this one, too. Thank you.
    • Consent form for participants (in most cases)
    • Copy of survey, interview questions, experimental stimuli, etc. (any information shown to participants)
    • Debriefing statement (if deception was used)
  2. A completed IRB submission summary (Excel spreadsheet)

Completed applications should be submitted at least two weeks before you plan to begin data collection. In most circumstances, decisions regarding applications with complete information are made within two weeks. Start early and plan ahead!

If you need assistance combining all of your components into one doc, contact the Help Desk (315-859-4181).

If you have any questions about the IRB or the application process, email iboard@hamilton.edu.

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