Cass Adler ’24, a double major in Hispanic studies and creative writing, shares her Hamilton journey.

First Year

  • August 2020

    Joined the “Hamily”

    Arrived on College Hill as a first-year student from Bushwood, Md.

  • April 2021

    ALEX Intern

    As one of the first interns with Hamilton’s Advise, Learn, Experience (ALEX) coordinated advising network, collaborates with offices throughout campus to plan and execute programming and events; develops marketing materials to generate student interest.

Because I joined the semester before ALEX launched, I had the unique opportunity to be involved with the initial planning and organizing. It was interesting to help provide input into a new, developing program — to get in on the ground floor of something I knew would outlast my time here.”

Cass Adler ’24, on her experience with the ALEX Advising team Cass Adler ’24

Sophomore Year

  • August 2021

    Writing Center Tutor

    Works with students in the organization and content of their essays; analyzes grammatical and aesthetic components of written academic work; organized campus-wide microfiction contest and Reading to Write events where tutors work with first-year students to help them prepare for college-level assignments and essay writing.

  • Spring 2022

    Costume Shop Assistant

    After taking a theatre class and one on playwriting, I work in the Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts costume shop. My responsibilities include designating and cataloging costume pieces, as well as practicing skills in hand and machine sewing to create costumes for theatre productions.

At the Writing Center, it’s not just about the work — it’s about the community and how we all learn and work together. Getting to work with students on their papers has taught me so much, not just about writing, but about all types of communication. My fellow tutors are an amazing group of people, and I feel I really had the chance to grow in my position along with my peers.”

Writing Center

Junior Year

  • Fall 2022

    Alexander Hamilton Press Club Co-Founder

    Along with my roommate Dana Goettler ’24, I co-founded a club for students interested in working with the College’s vintage letterpress. We host weekly meetings and activities, including the annual Valentine’s Day card-making event.

  • Spring 2023

    Academic Year in Spain

    Spent the semester in Hamilton’s program in Madrid, enjoying the opportunity to take day trips throughout the country.

“Like my dad, I’m a huge science fiction nerd. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started the internship, but it was a great behind-the-scenes learning experience. When I got my official badge for San Diego Comic Con — that was super exciting.”

Junior Year

  • Summer 2023-November 2023

    Marketing Intern at Paramount

    Worked with the Star Trek team to create and distribute executive summaries of events and activations. Assisted in creating and executing marketing campaigns, and monitored press responses to track effectiveness in the marketplace. Contributed to a cross-media experience aimed at exposing the franchise to a younger demographic. Helped manage crowd interactions at San Diego Comic Con Fandom Panel and presented to CBS executive leadership on strategies to appeal to Gen Z.

Senior Year

  • Fall 2023

    Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

    The honor is a nice bookend to receiving the PBK Book Award after my first year at Hamilton.

  • Currently

    Looking for a job in event planning.

I came to Hamilton undeclared with little idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve learned so much here and met so many different people. My professors have shaped my intellectual curiosity and encouraged my organizational skills and work ethic. Through the jobs I’ve held, I’ve come to realize that my true passion lies in reaching out and connecting with people by creating experiences that they love.”

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