Natasha Espinosa '18, far left, and student panelists discuss their communications internships.

Natasha Espinosa ’18 went into her first year at Hamilton with the goal of taking full advantage of the open curriculum. For Espinosa, this meant exploring her long-held interest in and personal connection to Latin America.

“I wanted to know more about the region’s history, culture and society,” Espinosa says. When she discovered the Latin American studies minor, she thought it was a great way to incorporate all of the facets of what she’d been longing to learn about.

About Natasha Espinosa '18

Major: Sociology

Minor: Latin American Studies

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

High School: Coral Reef Senior High

Espinosa combined her sociology major with her minor through an independent study about popular music and its relation to the government when she studied abroad in Nicaragua.

“The project was about the popular music in Managua, Nicaragua, and the connection between that and the current and past history of the Nicaraguan government,” she says. It was the first time she could really combine her major, minor, and interest in media.

Espinosa’s Latin American studies minor supplements her sociology major in ways not many people would immediately see. “One of my professors once told me that sociology is the study of people, given that they live and interact with other people.” As it turns out, Espinosa’s courses allowed her to look at different aspects and patterns in Latin American in a more sociological light.

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