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Hamilton College is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization and is exempt from any and all sales tax in the state of New York. This exemption applies to hotels, meals, rental cars, and business purchases. Effective January 1, 2006, New York State sales tax paid on College purchases will not be included in reimbursements for retail purchases, hotel accommodations, or meal charges in excess of $100.

Please request a tax exemption when conducting any business on behalf of the College. A wallet-sized tax exemption card is issued with a corporate credit card. A full-sized copy of the tax exemption certificate is available under the forms section of this website. Copies of the exemption certificate or the wallet-size card can also be obtained from the office of Administrative Services by contacting Jennifer Mayer at 315-859-4998. 

Purchases made using a College purchase order, College charge account or courtesy card (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Staples, Target, BJ’s) are automatically tax-exempt. Please verify that the vendor has given you a tax exemption before you leave the store.

Hotel reservations made through internet reservation services will be exempt from this policy as long as the room rate charged is less than the standard room rate charged by the hotel. The documentation provided with the reimbursement request must clearly indicate that the internet service was used.

The sales tax exemption should also be requested when renting a vehicle. Vehicles rented through direct-billed accounts with Hertz and Avis are automatically tax-exempt. Because rental car agencies are locally franchised, widespread acceptance of the tax exemption has proved difficult. For this reason, rental cars are currently exempt from this sales tax reimbursement policy.

NYS Tax Exempt Form

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Mayer at 315-859-4998.

Other States

The College has reciprocal tax exemption status in the following states:


Please contact Jennifer Mayer with your request for exemption from restaurant and hotel tax.  Must be requested four weeks prior to the event, tax exemption certificate must be presented to the vendor.


Tax exemption form must be presented to the vendor.


A tax exemption form/ID number must be presented to the vendor.


A tax exemption form must be presented to a vendor, tax exemption from taxable services and tangible personal property.


Tax exemption for purchases of tangible personal property only.


Tax exemption letter w/ID # should be carried with you when traveling.

New Jersey

Tax exemption certificate and tax exemption form must be presented to the vendor.

Rhode Island

Tax exemption form must be presented to the vendor.


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