The College has a budget of about $125,000 from endowed funds annually that supports bringing speakers to the College to enrich our scholarship, culture, and learning. Our general principle and practice is to distribute the funds as equitably as possible using two deadlines; September 1 for fall events and January 6 for spring events. We encourage departments to plan in advance and to discuss their plans with the appropriate Associate Dean to ensure the budget can support the level of activity they are seeking. Chairs should discuss speaker funding requests with the entire department. Be sure to enter all lectures and other departmental events on the College Calendar, both to help advertise these events, and to avoid conflicts.

Note that there are also endowed funds for special speaker series, such as the Morris, Plant, and Tolles lectures, which typically allow departments to invite more expensive speakers.


After discussing with the department, and setting priorities within the department for invited speakers for the year, Department Chairs or Program Directors should request speaker funding from the Dean using the College Speaker Fund form. There is a guide on honoraria and other expenses on the speaker form. Note that some departments have their own endowed accounts that can be used for speakers, and these funds will generally be drawn on first. 


Speakers should normally be offered reimbursement for their actual expenses. To secure such expenses, the organizer should submit to the Dean a check request with receipts of costs incurred by the visitor for transportation, meals, and/or lodging. Any honorarium should also be requested using this form. The organizer should provide the name in which a check should be drawn and the full home address to which it should be sent. A completed W-9 form will be required for honorarium payment.

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