The welfare of our students is of the highest importance to Hamilton College. Students that are impaired by alcohol or drugs at a level requiring medical attention, and/or the friends of such students, should always seek appropriate assistance from HCEMS/Campus Safety or Community Advisors. The medical amnesty policy is intended to promote student safety and to encourage students and third parties to promptly notify appropriate staff in the event of such need.

Under this policy, when a student experiences a physical and/or psychological crisis while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and the student or one or more friends of the student proactively requests medical assistance, the College will not take disciplinary actions regarding alcohol or drug use against the student in crisis or the student(s) calling for help unless the violation was an act that was reasonably likely to place the health or safety of another individual at risk.

The student(s) in crisis may be referred to an educational or developmental program so that they have an opportunity to discuss corrective measures around the student’s decisions related to alcohol or other drugs. Students that do not complete the educational or developmental program recommendations may face disciplinary action consistent with College policy.

Consistent with putting the student’s health and safety first, the College will approach serious or repeated incidents with a higher degree of concern and a high level of intervention.

Please note that this policy does not protect students who are found to be in violation of other Hamilton College policies including but not limited to the College’s Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Student Code of Conduct. Likewise, this policy does not prevent action by police or other law enforcement personnel.

A failure to seek assistance for a member of our community in medical need may have serious and lasting consequences for that individual. Disciplinary sanctions will be severe for any student and/or student group/organization who interfere with an individual’s attempt or ability to take responsible action.

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