Violent Felony Offenses/Missing Student

The Hamilton College Department of Campus Safety has a plan for the investigation of any violent felony offense occurring at or on the grounds of Hamilton College. In addition they have a plan for the investigation of a report of a missing student. The investigation of such crimes shall be done in coordination with local law enforcement agencies. Hamilton College has written agreements with appropriate local law enforcement agencies providing for the prompt investigation of such crimes and reports. For more information relating to violent felony offenses or missing students please contact the Department of Campus Safety at 315-859-4141.

Advisory Committee on Campus Security

Hamilton College has instituted a Personal Safety Committee that has student, faculty and staff membership. All meetings are open to the College Community. This committee reviews campus security policies and procedures and issues of related to personal safety and makes recommendations for their improvement. For more information on the Hamilton College Campus Safety Advisory Committee please contact the Director of Campus Safety (315-859-4141) or visit the Campus Safety website here.

Crime Statistics

The Advisory Committee on Campus Safety will provide upon request all campus crime statistics as reported to the United States Department of Education. Contact the Department of Campus Safety (315-859-4141) to request a copy of the Hamilton College crime statistics. Information can also be obtained from the U.S. Department of Education website at: http://ope.ed.gov/security/.

Portions of this policy were adapted from policies of NCHERM, SUNY University at Buffalo and Skidmore College.

Traffic and Parking Regulations

Hamilton College is a pedestrian campus. To ensure public safety, all members of our community and their guests are expected to familiarize themselves with the policies outlined in Campus Safety's Parking Guide and must comply with them at all times. The Parking Guide explains all parking regulations and the sanctions that result from violations of them. 

All vehicles parked on the Hamilton College campus must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety on a permanent or temporary basis. Sophomore, junior, and senior students may register one vehicle and will be charged $100 per academic year, or $50 per semester. First year students may not have vehicles on campus; violation of this policy may result in loss of parking privileges in the sophomore year.

Temporary and permanent parking permits are available in the Campus Safety office. All members of the community are expected to register their vehicles in a timely manner. Vehicle registration information can be found on the Campus Safety website by clicking here.

Hamilton College assumes no liability for loss or damage to any vehicles parked on College property, or personal property left within, on, or around such vehicles. The College assumes no liability for vehicles that are towed by local agencies.

The Parking Guide and general information on a wide range of topics are available online from the Department of Campus Safety or by calling (315) 859-4141.


All members of the Hamilton community are issued ID cards and are required to identify themselves upon request to any College official or member of Campus Safety. Defiance or misrepresentation will be considered a serious offense, subject to disciplinary action.

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