Student Activities Office Process for Working with External Organizations

  • There are relationships with external organizations that have been initiated by the Division of Student Life to broaden the diversity of its campus offerings in student life. Some recent examples include Planned Parenthood, Be the Match, and other not for profit organizations that work through the Community Outreach and Opportunity Project (COOP) as well as faith based groups that work through the Chaplaincy.
  • If  there are other local organizations that wish to offer services or partner with our students, and the external organization desires access to campus – in addition to the resources they offer off-campus – it will require the action of a current student organization or the creation of a new student organization that will follow all guidelines outlined by the Student Activities Office
  • That student organization will work with the Assistant Director of Student Activities or other designated staff member as their advisor, and will communicate all activities to that advisor.
  • The student organization, as an organization/campus chapter coordinated by the Student Activities Office, will be part of a budgetary funding request process overseen and determined by the Student Assembly. The student organization has the privileges granted to any student organization, including making space reservations, email access, campus facilities and other privileges.

Guidelines for Student Organizations working with External Organizations

For an external organization and its sponsoring student organization to be in good standing with the Student Activities Office, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • A student organization may invite external community leaders/organizations/members on to campus for specific events. External leaders/organizations/members may not facilitate events on-campus without the active participation of the affiliated student organization. In some cases, a contract may be necessary.
  • Student organizations may communicate and fundraise on behalf of an external organization to the campus community and to the wider alumni, parent, and trustee networks. Any fundraising initiatives or communication with the Hamilton College Community – must be made under the supervision of the Student Activities and Alumni/Communications Offices.
  • Funding from Student Assembly funds will be made available to all student organizations through a process involving input from student funding committee and a ? vote of the Student Assembly. Funding codes are in place to make sure funds are distributed fairly and in a manner that takes into account risk and benefit to students’ interests.
  • Leaders of the external organization may not to lead others to believe that they are an employee, agent, or other representative of the College, but serve as a resource for the student organization to work with that organization by the guidelines offered above.

Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in deactivation of the student organization associated with the external organization.

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