Late Nite Shuttle Service provided by Hale Transportation
(Thursday- Saturday evening 8 p.m.-2 a.m.)

Pick Up

  • The shuttle’s designated pick up location on campus is at the Sadove Circle. 
  • The first full run of the Late Nite Shuttle will complete the full Jitney run to pick up remaining passengers in New Hartford locations (i.e. Target and Walmart)
  • Beginning at 10 p.m., students who are 21 may board the shuttle at Sadove. You must show your Little Pub Accepted Hill Card (with the asterisks*).
  • Please note that the last pick up from Sadove for students under 21 will be 9:30 p.m.
  • Hill Cards will be swiped/tapped to determine that they are active. 

Drop Off

  • The shuttle’s designated pick up location in the Village of Clinton is in the parking lot between Subway and Hunt Real Estate.
  • Any student in the village may take the shuttle back to campus. All students boarding the shuttle to return to campus must swipe/tap their Hill Card ID.
  • By request, the shuttle can drop off in the Bundy Circle, at the entrance to North Road (between Ferguson and Eells), and in front of the Griffin Road apartments at the driver’s discretion. The driver can deny a request for a stop other than Sadove Circle based on their discretion (to keep the shuttle service on schedule, due to inclement weather, or if there is a vehicle impeding the shuttle’s ability to make an additional stop or turn around).
  • Shuttle service will end at 2 a.m. if there are no remaining students waiting at the loading zone in the village. It will only run after 2 a.m. to return any remaining students waiting in the loading zone back to Campus.


  • Non-student guests who are over 21 may board the shuttle with their student host and must possess a valid ID. The student host is responsible for their guest.

Driver/Ride Alongs

  • Two student Event Staff (or a campus safety officer) will ride along and remain on the shuttle for the full late night shift to monitor safety and assist the driver with boarding. Students are expected to comply with their requests.
  • For the safety of riders, the shuttle buses will be equipped with cameras.

Policies/Rules for passengers

  • There is no smoking or drinking on the Late Nite Shuttle. This includes e-cigarettes.
  • Hamilton students and their guests are expected to behave in a manner that does not cause a danger to the service, other passengers, or themselves.  Students and their guests may be subject to disciplinary consequences for their conduct on the late night shuttle.

** Policies for passengers and respect for the service and driver(s) also applies to the regular jitney service offered Monday-Sunday run by and for students.

For information about the service, please visit the Jitney webpage.

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