The Office of Student Activities gives approval to students and student organizations to raise money for charitable projects or to raise funds on campus to defray costs of approved Student Organization events/expenses where Student Assembly was unable to fund in full.

  1. Students organizing fundraising activities must obtain permission for their activity from the Office of Student Activities.
  2. When a fundraising activity involves setup for tabling, permission for the setup must be obtained from the Office of Student Activities and the space/location must be requested and approved through the 25live scheduling system. If the requested site involves another department, then the director of that department must also provide permission for the activity to occur there (e.g., the director of athletics must also approve requests for activities at athletic events). The Office of Student Activities and the supervisor of the site will decide whether or not one or more activities may occur simultaneously at the same location.
  3. Profits accumulated through fundraising activities by any organization that received student activities fees may be used for any purpose subject to the following restrictions:
    1. The purpose of the organization's fund-raising must be clearly advertised in advance.
    2. The organization may not initiate any activity where the profits of which will be used for any direct or indirect contributions to a political campaign.
    3. Fundraising must conform to the Student Assembly Funding Committee guidelines.


Student Organizations wishing to solicit funds from family members and/or alumni must seek approval and work with The Office of Advancement and The Office of Student Activities in advance.

Raising Funds for Charitable Organizations

  1. Students may be approved to raise funds for not for profit organizations (e.g. the American Red Cross).
  2. Organizations wishing to make donations to non-profit organizations may use the proceeds from certain activities (see above). Funds from the Student Activities Fee cannot be used for donations or toward an event that will generate donations.
  3. Organizations may collect funds through cash, Hill Card (if they reserved a Hill Card reader in advance), or checks made out to the “Trustees of Hamilton College”. Those organizations must work with the Office of Student Activities to collect/donate the funds. 
  4. Organizations may not raise funds for political campaigns.

Sale and Distribution of Food on Campus

Recognized student organizations may distribute food (i.e. a bake sale) in designated/reserved locations, as well as outdoor events, provided they have received prior approval from the Office of Student Activities and completed the appropriate paperwork and submitted documentation to the College Events and Scheduling Office and Auxiliary Services. This is required if the organization is selling or distributing food not prepared by Bon Appetit.

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