The value of community in learning has always been central to the mission, design and ambience of the Language Center. Here, students of all languages and levels intersect to work in an environment that facilitates the integration of formal and informal learning and promotes opportunities for interaction and sharing with others.

Wherever future directions in pedagogy and technology take the Language Center, the sense of a community of learners will remain constant and its most valuable asset.

Mary Beth Helderle

Director of the Language Center - CJ 302

Rachel Martinie

Language Center Coordinator & ALEX Program Technologist - CJ 301



Rachel (she/her) undertakes various responsibilities in her dual roles as Language Center Coordinator and ALEX Program Technologist. Rachel hires and oversees all Language Center student workers, manages payroll, collaborates with language faculty on curriculum development, creates language learning media workshops for language faculty, and conducts ALEX program data analysis. Rachel worked as a secondary Spanish teacher for ten years, and earned her Master’s degree in TESOL from Wilkes University. When not at the Language Center, Rachel spends her time swimming, hiking with her dog, and cooking.

Student Assistants

Allie LeeHoffman ’23

Allie is a senior Psychology major from McLean, Virginia. She enjoys playing in the Women’s golf team, cooking delicious meals with her roommates, and learning K-Pop dances with her friends. Allie also loves to travel and her favorite destination thus far is Glacier National Park, Montana.

Alex Markonish ’23

Alex (she/her/hers) is a Sociology major and an Anthropology minor. While those are her courses, Education Studies is one of her particular areas of interest!

Chiara Morley-McLaughlin ’24

Chiara is a double major in Biology and Hispanic Studies. Chiara plays volleyball and she’s a member of the pre-health club. Chiara is also a peer mentor, and in her free time she enjoys reading and baking!

Nathalie Martinez '23

Nathalie is a senior from Miami, FL majoring in philosophy and double-minoring in Education and Italian Studies. In addition to serving as a student assistant and Italian tutor at the Language Center, she also works as a first year course mentor for a philosophy class and peer advisor at the Career Center. In her spare time, she enjoys playing chess, listening to Spanish rock music, or reminiscing about her time abroad in Bologna, Italy.

Devin Outhavong ’25

Devin is a sophomore from Fresno, California. He plans to be a Chinese and Japanese major with an Art minor, potentially working in Marketing. When he is not doing work, you can find him on the Jitney heading to Subway for a sandwich or listening to video game background music and K-pop 25/8 (Omori, Persona 5, NCT, Izone, etc.). If you see him on campus, feel free to say hi!

Anna Yankee ’25

Anna is a sophomore from Freeport, Maine. She plans to major in Environmental Studies and World Politics. Anna began taking French in sixth grade and put it to use during her junior year of high school, which she spent in Rennes, France. In Rennes, Anna meandered in museums, gained a greater appreciation for cheese, and learned to surf with her host family. At Hamilton, Anna is a part of the juggling club and Slow Food and is also a LC French tutor! In her free time, she can be found making crêpes in her dorm kitchen.

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