Hamilton Venture Network (HVN)

The Hamilton Venture Network (HVN) is a not-for-profit (pending) organization for promoting and supporting ventures for alumni, faculty, and friends of Hamilton College.

HVN is built to support both not-for-profit and for-profit ventures, with their website serving as a communications tool and point of reference for the network. If you’re a member of the Hamilton Community and would like to participate, you are welcome to join.

Executive Director
Michael E. Gruen

Executive Team
Blake Darcy, Founder/CEO of DLJDirect, Formula Investing

Gretchen Grad, Director of Hands of Peace, MBA Chicago

Michael E. Gruen, Founder of LexMachine, Principal of Greyworks LLC

Advisory Board
Adam D. Eilenberg, Esq.
Anna Millar
Chris Martel
Jonathan Miller
Ted Hand, Enterprise Forward

Contact Information

Office of Alumni Relations

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