Hamilton College allows individuals to request immunization exemptions for any or all mandated vaccinations. Mandates may be instituted by Hamilton College or issued by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

Medical exemptions may be requested when your established health care provider determines that the immunization may be detrimental to your health or is otherwise medically contraindicated. Religious exemptions may be requested when an individual has a sincere and genuine religious belief that prohibits them from receiving an immunization. Since the development of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, exemption forms were also developed specifically in response to COVID-19 vaccinations, which are currently required for all students and highly recommended for all faculty and staff.

Per this updated Hamilton College immunization exemption policy (on June 1, 2021), immunization exemption requests must be submitted annually for review and approval by the Vaccine Exemption Committee (VEC). Any supporting documentation should accompany the request form in an effort to expedite the review process. The College will evaluate exemption requests in accordance with guidance from public health authorities, College policy, and applicable law. If an exemption is granted, it may include lawful limitations or conditions on the exempted individual’s participation in particular activities or programs on campus in circumstances where the failure to be immunized would reasonably be expected to (a) prevent the individual from fulfilling the essential functions and/or curricular requirements of his/her/their academic program or position, (b) cause the College undue hardship, or (c) pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others. Requests found not to be adequately supported by facts will be denied.  Every exemption request will be reviewed and managed on a case-by-case basis. 

The VEC meets as needed in order to review exemption requests. Once the team has made a decision, the individual is notified in writing. All decisions made by the VEC are final.

Current Exemption Committee members include:

  • Allen Harrison, Assistant Dean of Accessibility Services
  • Ashley Place, Director of Community Living
  • Barbara Fluty PA-C, Director of Student Health Services
  • Catherine Berryman, Director of Title IX & Civil Rights Compliance
  • Jeff Landry, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Stacie Wallace, Student Health Services Coordinator
  • Steve Stemkoski, Director of Human Resources

Request Medical Exemption Request Religious Exemption

Policy revised June 2, 2021 BF; June, 9, 2021 BF


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