Hamilton College recognizes that problems, concerns or complaints may arise on occasion, whether work related or personal, which may adversely affect working conditions and job satisfaction.

Every individual working at the College shares responsibility in seeking resolutions to these work-related problems, and it is in the best interest of all concerned to resolve disagreements or misunderstandings as quickly and amicably as possible. No employee should hesitate to raise a concern for fear of disciplinary action and/or retaliation.

The following resources identified below are a reminder to employees of the various methods available to resolve a problem, concern or complaint adversely affecting working conditions and job satisfaction:

Supervisor/Senior Officer

Employees should attempt to resolve the problem, concern or complaint informally with his or her immediate supervisor as quickly as possible. If the nature of the concern clearly prevents the employee from discussing the problem with their immediate supervisor, the department head or senior officer should be consulted.

Human Resources

Employees may also consider bringing their problem, concern or complaint to Human Resources. At the discretion of the employee, Human Resources will review the concern in an objective, confidential manner and attempt to mediate or recommend available resources to assist with the situation.

Ethics Point

Hamilton College promotes ethical behavior at all levels of the organization. In keeping with this commitment, Hamilton has selected the EthicsPoint Hotline to provide employees, students and other constituencies with simple, risk-free ways to anonymously and confidentially report activities that may involve ethical misbehavior, criminal conduct or violations of Hamilton College policies. Complaints may be filed by phone or though the website, and, if preferred, may be made anonymously.

Harassment/Sexual Harassment

Hamilton College affirms the principle that its students, faculty and staff have the right to work, study and enjoy the society of the College community without being subjected to harassment or sexual harassment. Employees who have been harassed may voice their concern through one of the options listed above or directly to the Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board (HSMB).


Human Resources

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