• Save a copy of your purchase receipt. Copy the serial number and description of your laptop.
  • You can register property with the Department of Campus Safety.
  • Carry your laptop in an unassuming, well padded bag. This avoids the unwanted attention a traditional laptop bag or fancy leather briefcase can generate.
  • Never leave your laptop unattended in a public place.
  • Students should always lock their laptops! The numerous, easy access, open areas on campus: residences, Burke Library, Howard Diner, etc. too often lead to crimes of opportunity!
  • Secure it to your desk at all times, or lock it in a drawer, or "lock-box" even if you leave for a moment. Never leave it unattended anywhere, including residential facilities.
  • Never leave your laptop in open view in your car. Lock it in your trunk.
  • Back up all irreplaceable information daily. Remember, it's not just the loss of the laptop... what about all the hard work and important information that could be lost or stolen?
  • Don't forget to secure all other products associated with your laptop: batteries, power cords, cables, external drives, LCD projectors, etc.
  • Be aware of activity that appears suspicious. Don't leave entry doors at residence halls propped open, or offices unsecured even when leaving for a very brief moment. Most of thefts are "crimes of opportunity."

    Work together... if you lock your door, but your roommate or office partner doesn't, the opportunity for theft still exists.


Campus Safety

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