1. Demonstration lines shall form on the sidewalks and demonstrators shall confine themselves to the outside, or curbside, edge of the sidewalk so as not to obstruct the passage of others wishing to use the sidewalk.
  2. Demonstrators shall not form along streets or roads.
  3. Demonstrators must be peaceful and orderly and must not stop or impede persons or vehicles moving legally in or about the vicinity of the demonstration.
  4. People working in, conducting business with, or having any legitimate reason to enter a College building have the right to freely pass. Any person desiring to pass into or out of a College building where there is controversy may do so without being impeded, stopped, or threatened.
  5. Demonstrators may not in any way block a door, passageway, driveway, crosswalk or other entrance or exit to any College building.
  6. Demonstrators have the right to talk with people going in and out of a College building. Intimidation, threats or coercion will not be permitted.
  7. Demonstrators or others may pass out leaflets or pamphlets to persons who willingly accept the literature; however, they may not be affixed to public or private property or to vehicles.
  8. Fighting, assault, harassment, intimidation, and vandalism will not be permitted.
  9. Profanity is not permitted.
  10. Demonstrators are prohibited from using any amplifying devices, i.e. bullhorns, sound trucks, etc. while on the property of Hamilton College.

Hamilton College respects the rights of individuals to demonstrate. Individuals not adhering to the “Rules of Conduct” may be escorted from college property and subject to arrest. Members of the Hamilton community may also be subject to disciplinary action.


Campus Safety

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