Tuition and fees for 2023-24 are:

Academic Year: $62,860.00. Approximately $46,360.00 relates to tuition and $16,500.00 to room and board. 

Semester: $31,430.00. Approximately $23,180.00 relates to tuition and $8,250.00 to room and board.

Under either plan, the general fee covers the following expenses: room and board except for vacations, preliminary orientation trip, instruction and tuition, organized excursions, group entertainment and visits. 

Payment Schedule

Full Year Amount
Within fourteen days of acceptance $500
By Aug. 15 $31,180
By Dec. 15 $31,180
Fall Term Amount
Within fourteen days of acceptance $500
By Aug. 15 $30,930
Spring Term Amount
Within fourteen days of acceptance $500
By Jan. 10 $30,930

The above fees do NOT cover the following: personal expenses, tips, passport and visa cost, trips not connected with Hamilton College Academic Year excursions, textbooks, study materials, dry cleaning and transportation within Madrid.

Due to the Covid pandemic, and beginning with the fall 2021 term, Hamilton College will initiate a group flight arrangement which will continue for the foreseeable future. HCAYS will use a travel agent, who will book the group flight, and will pay the agent directly.  Students attending the program will get billed by Hamilton College for the cost of their tickets.

Because of possible fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate and of other unforeseen circumstances, these fees are to be considered tentative. Every effort will be made, however, to limit the charges to those stated above.

Students who apply and are accepted for the full academic year and who decide later (by Oct. 1 at the latest) to change to a fall-only status will be required to pay an additional $200 above the usual total fall payments. (This fee is necessary because of commitments the program has to make on an annual basis, and helps to defray extra costs incurred when such changes are made.)

Note: A student who is admitted for the fall term and who, while in Spain, desires admission to the full-year program, must submit an application to the Programs Abroad Committee prior to Oct. 1, and must have that application approved by the committee.

Note: Some Spanish consulates in the United States require proof of payment having been made in full before a student can obtain his or her visa. This may require some participants to pay prior to the official Hamilton program deadline.


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