The following workshops are presented periodically throughout each semester. Check Handshake for upcoming dates.

Explore 101Explore 101: Career & Self

“Know Thyself” is the motto of Hamilton College. Before you start thinking about your career plans after Hamilton, we want you to start thinking about who you are as a Hamilton student in relation to your career goals. One of the ways to do this is to discover your personal strengths, interests, personality, and how you define yourself. This workshop will help you with just that!

  • Understand the importance of skills, values, and interests in the career exploration and decision-making process.
  • Identify skills, values, and interests and develop strategies to evaluate how one’s career interests can help determine career decisions and impact their happiness.
  • Learn the importance of how one’s identity impacts career decisions and how to leverage one’s identity in the career search process.

Explore 201Explore 201: Industry Exploration

Do you have a few industries in mind but you want to determine if they are a good fit for you by taking a deep research dive? Or are you just starting to think about industries and want tips for learning more? Are you ready to learn all that you can about an industry before you apply for an internship or job? Join us for this interactive workshop where we will teach you how to navigate several online resources to help you get the low down on specific industries. We will also introduce you to the Career Center’s programs that connect you to alumni and professionals in your industries of interest.

Explore 301

Signature Programs

How I Got My Internship

These lunches, hosted every couple weeks, provide an opportunity to learn from a panel of fellow students. The student speakers summarize their experience, provide insight into how they got started, and  give tips and strategies for the industry in which they interned. Past topics have included education, sciences, finance, government, public health, communications, nonprofit, and business.

LinkedIn Photobooth

This event, held a few times a year, gives students the opportunity to get a professional headshot taken, learn how to start or improve your profile, and how to leverage the LinkedIn platform. Students can also use this time to ask questions of Peer Advisors and Presenters and sign up for upcoming workshops and programs. This also serves as a low-key social event, so feel free to swing by to grab some food and chat.

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