The following workshops are presented periodically throughout each semester. Check Handshake for upcoming dates.

Explore 101Explore 101: Career Options

  • Begin to identify criteria for finding careers that fit your personal interests, values and skills
  • Participate in formal and informal self-assessment to identify potential careers to explore
  • Learn about reading, talking, watching & doing as means of exploring careers
  • Learn about how to identify and research career options, using online resources
  • Brainstorm people in their personal, academic, and professional network
Most beneficial for:
  • First-year students or sophomores who would like to gain access to the alumni directory
  • students who want to how to connect their interests, skills, and values to potential careers
  • Students who are unsure of their career direction or who haven’t done in depth research into a career area they’ve identified

Explore 201Explore 201: Networking

  • Learn about the process of informational interviewing as a means of exploring careers and getting advice
  • Learn how to structure conversations with Hamilton alumni and parents
  • Learn how to use and gain access to My Hamilton Connect*
Most beneficial for:
  • Students who can identify at least one career field of interest
  • Students who are interested in exploring careers and getting advice from professionals

*If you are a first year or sophomore, you must complete Explore 101 as a prerequisite.

Explore 301Explore 301: Learn from Others

  • Engage in at least four career exploration activities, including: informational interviews, Connect Team programs and shadowing.
  • Complete structured report to reflect on and prove that they’ve completed these activities
Desired Learning Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate increased understanding of a particular industry or position (as demonstrated by the reflection they submit)
  • Increased confidence/competence in talking to professionals
Most beneficial for:
  • Students who have completed Explore 101 & 201
  • Students who are ready to explore careers and get advice from professionals

Signature Programs

How I Got My Internship

These lunches, hosted every couple weeks, provide an opportunity to learn from a panel of fellow students. The student speakers summarize their experience, provide insight into how they got started, and  give tips and strategies for the industry in which they interned. Past topics have included education, sciences, finance, government, public health, communications, nonprofit, and business.

LinkedIn Photobooth

This event, held a few times a year, gives students the opportunity to get a professional headshot taken, learn how to start or improve your profile, and how to leverage the LinkedIn platform. Students can also use this time to ask questions of Peer Advisors and Presenters and sign up for upcoming workshops and programs. This also serves as a low-key social event, so feel free to swing by to grab some food and chat.

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