The mid-year housing selection applies to all students returning to campus for the Spring semester.

Students Eligible for this housing selection include:

  • Students who participated in fall semester study abroad and are returning for the spring semester
  • Students who declared a medical, academic, or personal leave of absence that will end at the end of the fall semester
  • Students who are moving off of the 3rd floor of Dunham in order to make room for the January admit first year students

If you intend to return please be sure that the Dean of Students Office and Registrar are aware that your leave will be ending, otherwise you will not be on the list of students in need of housing.

This guide contains information about the housing selection process, pre-assigns, meal plans, and important dates. If you will be participating in this process, please read this carefully! 

Students who are on record to return this Spring will receive housing selection updates from Tanith Sherman, Assistant Director of Community Living, via email. These will begin in November. 

Please note: students who currently have housing on campus are not eligible to participate in the mid-year housing selection as a way to change rooms. In addition, January admittance students will be assigned housing based on information provided in their housing questionnaire.


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