The Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board (HSMB) is a group of faculty and staff whose purpose is to help ensure that members of the College community can live and work free from harassment and/or sexual misconduct.

When a member of the College community files a formal complaint, members of the HSMB will investigate and make a determination on whether the Sexual Misconduct Policy or the Harassment Policy was violated. The College’s Title IX Director coordinates and facilitates the work of the Board.

To prevent further incidents from occurring, and in keeping with the College’s obligations under Title IX, Hamilton employees (except those who are identified as confidential) are required to report possible incidents of sexual misconduct to Catherine Berryman, the College’s Title IX Director (315-859-4020). The Title IX Director will offer to meet with the person who may have experienced sexual misconduct to explain the options available and discuss next steps, including the option to file a formal complaint under the Sexual Misconduct Policy and/or the option to pursue a criminal complaint.

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