Opportunity Program (OP) Advising

In addition to their faculty advisor, students in our program receive individualized OP advising. OP Advisors are available throughout a students time at Hamilton and are available for check-ins, to vent or destress, ask questions to, to provide mentorship, and to provide support.

Phyllis A. H. Breland Center for Academic Success

The Phyllis A. H. Breland Center for Academic Success is a space near the Opportunity Program office that provides students with a place to study, relax, and be in community. Students in OP have access to tables that are conducive to both individual and group work, couches and sofa chairs, bean bag chairs, and a coffee/tea station. This space is available to students seven days a week during the academic year.


Through a strategic partnership with the Writing Center, Oral Communication Center, QSR, students in the Opportunity Programs have access to both one on one and group-facilitated tutoring. If there is a subject that these centers do not offer turning in, our office will work with academic departments to find a peer tutor who can.

Financial Assistance

All students in Opportunity Programs receive financial aid that meets 100% of their demonstrated financial need. Students in good standing also have the cost of their books and academic supplies covered every semester through graduation. There are also funds available to help students cover unexpected emergencies. Students in our program graduate with significantly reduced loan amounts compared to students who are not in the Opportunity Program.

Waived or Reduced Fees

Students in OP can take advantage of a reduced enrollment deposit fee, art and music class fees, as well as support with study abroad fees.

Mentorship and Support

Members of the Opportunity Program staff sit on various committees at Hamilton that allow them to advocate for students in the program. These committees include, but are not limited to, the Student Emergency Aid Society (SEAS), Hamilton Cares Committee (HCC), ALEX Advising Subcommittee, ALEX Learn Subcommittee, Transitions Committee, etc. The Opportunity Program staff works intentionally to partner with key stakeholders around campus to ensure students in the program are made aware of the numerous opportunities and resources that are made available to them at Hamilton. Students also have an assigned OP Advisor who works with them throughout their time at Hamilton to check-in, answer questions, and support them in their journey at Hamilton.


Office / Department Name

Opportunity Program

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Aaron Ray

Director of Opportunity Program

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