Hamilton’s many resources enable students to define their goals, gain meaningful career-related experience and tap into networks that lead to success following graduation. It all starts with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that prepares students not just for that first job or one particular career, but provides them with the intellectual tools and keen judgment to succeed in any career or field of graduate study.

In today's world, flexibility and versatility are more important than ever. By learning how to think, analyze, question assumptions, solve problems and communicate their ideas persuasively, Hamilton graduates develop life-long skills that enrich their lives.

Below are stories of some recent graduates who are ready to make their mark by beginning careers or embarking on graduate or professional study.

Outcomes Report

In a recent survey of the Class of 2015
  • 79% (374) are employed in a job or internship
  • 9% (43) are enrolled in graduate or professional school program
  • 2% (10) are participating in a post-graduate fellowship

These statistics are based on information from 473 out of 505 graduates (94%).

Employment Fields for the Class of 2015

Education 50 13%
Finance 49 13%
Business Management 45 12%
Science & Technology 37 10%
Consulting 30 8%
Marketing & Sales 28 7%
Nonprofit 24 6%
Health Care 22 6%
Advertising & PR 18 5%
Government 17 5%
Arts 17 5%
Legal Services 16 4%
Media 15 4%
Other 6 2%
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