The Levitt Leadership Institute (LLI) is an intensive leadership training program promoting transformational leadership practices and social action. LLI’s mission is to help students recognize, develop, and practice the kinds of leadership skills that are essential for creating personal and societal change. Comments from former Institute participants underscore the opportunities the LLI provides to work with people outside of their usual networks, learn about themselves both as leaders and effective group members, and contribute something real in the process.

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LLI runs from January 8-15 in person on the Hamilton College campus. This year’s participants will also have an optional opportunity to apply to participate in the College Student Activist Retreat at the Highlander Research and Education Center (www.highlandercenter.org) in New Market TN during the first few days of spring break (7-11 March). This retreat will bring students from Clark University, Occidental, Macalester, Pitzer colleges, and California State University Fullerton to learn about each other’s campuses, share challenges and joys, and think together about how to create the changes they envision on their respective campuses.

The Levitt Leadership Institute staff includes Margo Okazawa-Rey, Joel Winkelman, and other leadership experts. Margo Okazawa-Rey is Professor Emerita, San Francisco State University, and the former Jane Watson Irwin Chair and Elihu Root Chair in Women’s Studies at Hamilton College, a transnational feminist social justice activist, and a founding member of the Women for Genuine Security and the Combahee River Collective. You can learn more about Prof. Okazawa-Rey’s work here.  Joel Winkelman is Visiting Assistant Professor of Government at Hamilton College, whose  current research project explores the relationship between the work ethic and democracy in the political thought of the Progressive Era United States. He teaches courses in political theory and a course on democracy and the workplace at Hamilton. You can learn more about Prof. Winkelman’s work here.

LLI 2024 will also benefit from a special focus on  leadership for transformative justice facilitated by  Professor Xhercis Mendez, CSU Fullerton and faith-rooted leadership facilitated by Rev. Deborah Lee, Executive Director of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.


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