Transformational leadership programming works to develop self-awareness as a tool to confront challenges. Transformational leaders aim to implement change. They are creative and innovative; they establish direction, motivate and inspire; they follow ethical principles. This perspective intersects nicely with the innovative, principled, and change-making ethos of the social innovator or social entrepreneur.

Levitt Leadership Institute

The Levitt Leadership Institute (LLI) is an intensive leadership training program promoting transformational leadership practices and social action. LLI’s mission is to help students recognize, develop, and practice the kinds of leadership skills that are essential for creating personal and societal change. Comments from former Institute participants underscore the opportunities the LLI provides to work with people outside of their usual networks, learn about themselves both as leaders and effective group members, and contribute something real in the process.

Applications for the Levitt Leadership Institute are open in the fall.

Leadership Workshops

Leadership workshops help students and community members to develop the skills and gain the knowledge they need to be effective leaders with the capacity to make a positive difference in the world. These workshops often focus on enabling campus leaders to address their own leadership challenges and build the skills they need to make an impact in our communities. Check our events page for upcoming options. 


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