Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center is to strengthen and support the study of public affairs at Hamilton College.

The goals of the Center are:

  • To enable students to engage in public affairs through research, service-learning, lectures, discussion, and practice.
  • To foster creative, ethical, and informed responses to public issues by providing opportunities for students to engage with the local community, develop leadership skills, and explore careers in public service.
  • To support interdisciplinary collaboration and discussion; and to encourage faculty to address public affairs in their own research and in collaborative research with Hamilton students.


Frank Anechiarico

Faculty Director and Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law

Christina Willemsen

Administrative Director



Chris is available to talk about all aspects of Levitt Center programming, including student and faculty research, social innovation programming, leadership programs, and potential new opportunities and collaborations with other offices, faculty, staff, or students. You can set up an appointment below or contact her by email or phone. Her office is in the Levitt Center, Kirner-Johnson 251C.

Zack Schuman

Assistant Director of Community-Based Learning



Zack is available to talk about community-based learning programming including Summer Community Impact Fellowships, SHINE, VITA, Justice Lab, the Public Philosophy program, and other ways students may get involved in Levitt Center programming. You can set up an appointment below or contact him by email or phone. His office is in the Levitt Center, Kirner-Johnson 251D.

Rachael Clark

Programming Coordinator for the Levitt Center and Community Outreach (COOP)



Rachael Clark is the Programming Coordinator for the Levitt Center and Community Outreach (COOP). You can schedule an appointment with her by signing up here. Her office is in the Levitt Center, Kirner-Johnson 251E. Rachael is available to talk about student and faculty research programming, leadership programming, the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty internship and COOP programming (including HAVOC and AXB).

Simon Stanco

Communications and Media Assistant

Levitt Council

  • Frank Anechiarico, Director of the Levitt Center; Maynard-Knox Professor of Law

  • Jennifer Ambrose, Director of the writing center

  • Charlotte Botha, Assistant Professor of Music

  • Alexsia Chan, Director of Inequality and Equity Program; Assistant Professor of Government

  • Jeff Cross, Assistant Professor of Economics

  • Erica De Bruin, Director of Justice and Security Program; Associate Professor of Government

  • Jaime Kucinskas, Associate Professor of Sociology

  • Chaise LaDousa, Christian A. Johnson Excellence in Teaching Professor of Anthropology

  • Herm Lehman, Director of Public Health and Well-Being Program; Professor of Biology

  • Alex Plakias, Director of Sustainability Program; Associate Professor of Philosophy

  • Doug Ambrose, Sidney Wertimer Professor for Excellence in Advising and Mentoring


Office / Department Name

Levitt Center

Contact Name

Levitt Center

Office Location
Kirner-Johnson 251

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