Hamilton has suspended its testing requirement, and you can choose whether or not to submit SAT/ACT exam (or other test) results.

Hamilton's selection process is centered on academic achievement and the potential to flourish in our community, with special consideration for each student’s unique background and experiences as context. Additional criteria considered will include standardized testing (if submitted), teacher and counselor recommendations, student writing, activities and interests, and potential fit with Hamilton.

Should you choose to submit testing, you should know that it will be considered in a responsible and appropriate way, especially in light of any disruption you may have experienced in learning, preparation, or access to testing due to the pandemic.

Hamilton will accept official or self-reported scores with a student’s application for admission, and will superscore the SAT or ACT (meaning that if multiple tests are submitted we will consider the highest individual subsection scores). Testing you might submit for consideration with your candidacy could include the SAT, the ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP scores, or IB final exams.

* Please note that international applicants will be required to demonstrate English language proficiency, which in most cases requires submitting test results.

Sending Test Scores

For those who choose to submit testing, Hamilton accepts official or self-reported scores. Ways you can submit your testing include: 

  • Directly from the testing agency (SAT/TOEFL code: 2286; ACT code: 2754
  • Submitted on an official transcript or via official school email
  • Self-reported in the testing section on your application. 
  • A screenshot or PDF of your score report emailed to admission@hamilton.edu.  

When self-reporting your scores, please do not recalculate or superscore, and send them exactly as you received them.

Please note: Official testing (from a testing agency or high school official) will be required from all students who submitted self-reported scores during the application process and who enroll at Hamilton. Any variance may jeopardize the offer of admission.


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